Short Stories


When I saw literally thousands of birds outside of my work building one morning, I was inspired to write this story.

Arbor Mortis

The curse of death affects the surrounding environment. Based on the image from the Iron Maiden album cover “Fear of the Dark”

Dead Man’s Prayer

A mortician with a dark secret might find more than he bargains for late one night.

Deadly Pleasure

This story won third place in the Deadman’s Tome 2012 online short story contest.

On the Road Again

After taking so many road trips, I wrote this based on everything horribly wrong that could happen.

Public Restrooms

It is never safe to be alone and stop somewhere isolated in the middle of the night.

Red Snow

The bearded hero of Christmas may have more to his story than one would have thought, and a history that might come back to haunt him. Published in the anthology When Red Snow Melts and runner up in the Horror Novel Reviews short story contest.

Ring Finger

A woman attempting to escape from her abusive husband may be faced with an ultimatum that will alter her fate and her future.


The Elves and the Shoemaker? Could the story be darker than one might imagine?


A story telling all the horrors of a mental institution.

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