Following his parents’ death, David Kelton moves to an unfamiliar town and meets Elaine, a beautiful girl who brings out mysterious supernatural powers within him. His search for an explanation uncovers a murderous enemy and a discovery so horrific it may cost them their very souls. When he continuously suffers from blackouts, David awakens to find that he has drawn pictures of murder victims in amazing detail. Evidence indicates he is the one responsible, although he has no memory of his actions. The more answers he tries to discover, the more questions are uncovered, including the enigma behind his parents’ accidental death and the reality of what David is. He finds himself falling in love with Elaine and determines he will do anything in his power to keep her safe, especially from himself. As he learns who is pulling the strings and the dark purpose for which they plan to use him, he and his friends find themselves in a race against time to save everyone and everything they hold dear.


Journal of a Lycanthrope


James Branson struggles against an internal raging beast with violent urges. With a clouded past of repressed memories and no knowledge of his parentage, he delves into the mysteries of his past to learn what he is and how to control it. Once he determines that he is unable to rid himself of the monster, he channels the strengths from being a lycanthrope as a force to stop murderers, child molesters, and rapists. In his search for answers, he discovers that perhaps his place in this world is as a protector and savior of innocents from those who wish nothing more than harm and evil.

 Read a preview here

A Shapeshifter’s Memoir


Sequel to Journal of a Lycanthrope. The story delves into the aftermath of the last novel’s events, and the origins of Samual Wyatt.


A girl’s instinctual fear of the dark is not as imaginary as one might think. Still in works, not yet complete.

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