Witches and Pumpkins, Fur and Fangs

A series of short stories, all based around Halloween. Each story is independent on its own, but correlates with the others in one way or another, and so the end product reads like a novel. Every story is on one subject each, addressing a particular Halloween tradition or monster associated with Halloween or horror in general.

Jack of the Lantern

This story revolves around the Jack O’Lantern story.

Published in the anthology Out of Our Minds, as well as the upcoming October audio edition of Tales to Terrify.  

Hob Gob

What do you do when the goblins come?

Published in the anthology Dark Light III.

Bobbing in the Water

The tradition of bobbing for apples begins a series of events leading to a young woman’s worst nightmare.

Published in the upcoming anthology Tortured Souls 2

Fire of Bones

The Halloween bonfire could hold the secret to immortality – or the destruction of one’s sanity.

Published in the upcoming anthology Tortured Souls 2.

Incorporeal Beings

A Halloween Ghost Story

A Really Big Kitchen Knife

A slasher movie fan wants to be like the anti-heroes of horror film, but is he truly up to the task?

Published in the upcoming anthology Short Sharp Shocks Volume 1: AMOK!

That Looks Infected

Halloween and zombies. Some flesh-rotting fun.

Science Makes Me Mad

The key to making a monster is learning what others have done and taking the next step.

October Moon

A full moon and a hairy curse equal one hell of a Howl-oween.

Published in the October 2012 issue of Deadman’s Tome.


How do you cure an insatiable hunger for the dead?

Published in the anthology Grave Robbers edited by James Ward Kirk.

Give Me Something Good to Eat

Trick or Treating? It’s candy time.

Published in the January 2013 issue of Blood Moon Rising


The Hulk? Mr. Hyde? Everybody has their dark side.

Candy Kernels

Always check your candy.

Strips of Linen

Mummies on Halloween.

Deformity of the Mind

Does one’s appearance on the outside define what is on the inside?


Here comes the Boogeyman

Published in the anthology Death Awaits.

Two Fangs

A vampire story.

Published in the upcoming anthology These Vampires Don’t Sparkle.

In the Muck and the Mud 

A swamp monster?

Can you see me? 

Let’s get invisible.

Witches Three 

Double, double, toil and trouble



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